Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2012 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project People Passing By
Category Hyowon Fund
Project People Passing By
Director KIM Kyungman
Country Korea
Director's Profile KIM Kyungman, Since 2001, Kim has been making films based on archival films, propaganda films and newsreels. He made several documentaries including Long Live His Majesty (2002), Things that We Shouldn't Do (2003), The Fool Doesn't Catch a Cold (2008) and An Escalator in World Order (2011).
Nameless pedestrian overlapped by another. In a place called Korea. From 1949 to the present day. The camera captures cumulative images of their eyes, looks and steps.
Director's Note
Having suffered accustomed fatigue, Korean people never seem to take things easy. It is certain that we are losing something, as the society pursues nothing but economic growth. Of course, we can't completely blame capitalism for that. I would not suggest that the true self is predetermined. But it seems to me that, as the society grows, individuals are losing ground to stand up for themselves.
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