Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2012 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Shall we dance?
Category KyungSung Fund
Project Shall we dance?
Director KIM Mire
Country Korea
Director's Profile KIM Mi-re made two films about part-time working women in 2000. Her documentary about truck drivers’ fight against a cement company to obtain full worker status, We Are Workers or Not? In 2002, won the top documentary prize at the 2004 Fribourg International Film Festival. In 2005, she made a documentary called NoGaDa criticizing a pyramid structure of the construction industry in both South Korea and Japan, which won the best independent film and the human rights film award. In 2009, the documentary Weabak: Stayed Out All Night, about female cash register workers of a chain supermarket protesting against the mass lay off, was invited to the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.
A series of labor movements made KT’s full-time workers go through hell and high water. Now turned middle age, they engage in another resistance. In 2002, KT became privatized and started to weed out its workers who joined the democratic labor movements. They were transferred to strange places, reassigned to unfamiliar positions and exposed to all sorts of workplace bullying. They seemed to hold up fairly well but their long-term resistance started to crumble. They no longer want to sacrifice the present for an uncertain future. These workers want to be cheerful and dignified again. For the sake of believing and leading a righteous life, they step up their fight against the life being ruled by the conglomerate.
Director's Note
Workers in the 80s and 90s dreamed of making the world a better place to live. They have survived the restructuring are now in their middle age. They no longer dream of their dreams. The reality don’t allow them keep their hopes. What was once their dream, now it is turned into guilt as they are either fired and demoted. The capital controls the workers with constant suppression and violence. The film portrays their resistance to despotism of capital and their attempt to build a new life.
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