Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2012 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Watching, The Labor Movement!
Category YoungSan Fund
Project Watching, The Labor Movement!
Director BlueFly, KIM Junho
Country Korea
Director's Profile KIM Junho directed Old Man and the Land (2008), a feature length documentary about anti-U.S. base movements in Daechuri, Pyeongtaek in 2006. Kim is also an activist for social movements including anti-U.S. base movements in Daechuri, Yongsan Incident, anti-four rivers restoration project and hope bus campaign. BlueFly made My Sweet Home - The Nation Is Violence? (2011), a feature-length documentary about the 2009 Yongsan Incident. KIM and BLUEFLY are the same age currently working with documentary production houses ‘PURN Media’ and ‘Seoul Visual Collective’ each.
In 2011, two young filmmakers got on the Hope Bus heading to Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction,Co.,Ltd.. After joining the campaign ride five times, they dare to ask themselves some Marx’s questions - why a revolution occurs and why it fails. By taking different points of view based on their own experiences and intuition, each director attempts a dialectical analysis on the Hope Bus campaign and history of the Korean labor movements.
Director's Note
History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. - Karl Marx June Democracy Movement and laborer’s strike (1987), the protest against labor law reforms (1997), Candle Demonstration against U.S. Beef (2008) and Hope Bus campaign (2011)… From civil rights movements to labor movements, all these battles stoked the flames of revolution in ‘people’s mind’. But the people soon forgot about them. The untold history repeats itself alternating between hope and despair. Hopefully, this set of variations lingering between a state of hope and despair will eventually turn into a dazzling victory anthem. And I do hope that our little musical notes of dialectic appreciation can be in tune with the long history of struggle.
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