Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2012 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Embers
Category Busan Bank Fund
Project Embers
Director Tamara STEPANYAN
Country Lebanon
Director's Profile Tamara STEPANYAN was born in Armenia. During the breakdown of the Soviet Union, she moved to Lebanon with her parents in 1994, at a time when the country was coming out of the Civil War, and has been working and residing in Lebanon since. She graduated in Communication Arts with an emphasis on Radio/TV/Film from the Lebanese American University (LAU) in 2005. Stepanyan made a number of films while in university including The Needle (2004) and The Last Station (2005), and participated in film workshops in Armenia, South Korea and Denmark. Her works include My Beirut, a video/photo/audio installation that was part of Badguer I in 2009. Currently she resides in France working on her first fiction feature.
A dialogue between two generations. The nostalgia of an era that is absent now yet some members still exist. They are friends of Tamara (my grandmother), who fought WWII with her in 1945. I have tried to capture the last remaining figures who throughout the film are felt to part with us, to bring forward their last words. Some of them are rigid and in coherent, others totally emotional, as some being totally in loss. The subject of the film is ‘a feeling’. The feeling of loss and disappearance. Of a time that existed and now only the almost invisible remnants remain.
Director's Note
The idea started with the thought of making a film about my grandma, all alone, me and my camera. Yet as I started the process, the investigation, the film took another direction, another meaning. In the homes of my grandma’s friend I have found certain in existent life. Time has stopped in their lives. Things were just as they were 20 years ago when communist system broke in Armenia end of 80’s. The same wall paper and the colorful couch. The crystal vase the big clock on the wall where each tic-tac is giving a constancy of time yet the dull and monotonous sound reminding us of death and this loss. And this is where the film starts…
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