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2012 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Look Love
Category BIFF Supporters Fund
Project Look Love
Director YE Yun
Country China
Director's Profile YE Yun is the creative director at Beijing Yangmei City Public Art Institute. She holds a degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the most renowned art institute of China. Her visual installation Look Love – a double screen art device which documents the life of children from rural and city areas, has won the first prize in the competition among the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2009. YE Yun adapted the project into a documentary with the same title Look Love, which is in production and expected to complete in 2013.
Look love, a feature length documentary, with rising migration in the a rapidly changing China as backdrop looks deeply at a new generation of Chinese children who are entering their formative years without the parental love or family values. We follow three children from hugely different backgrounds: Xin Yuan from the cosmopolitan Beijing, Lin Sheng from mountains of Guizhou, Hunan Provinces located fifteen thousand miles away. As they navigate through emotions of love, lost, anger, despair, loyalty, betrayal and they learn how to reconcile as the “left-behind” children.
Director's Note
Spending time with what the media-dubbed “left-behind” children of China for three years, I realized that not only they are left behind by their families, but also they are left voiceless and faceless by the society. They are statistics you see in newspaper headlines. They have become a normal part of our society. They are the sacrificial lamb for progress and change in China. But I wonder, at what cost are we trying to achieve prosperity? What are we losing when we gain economical advancement? When I began to dig deeper into the psyche of these children who are the “left-behind” children of China, I see their unflinching truth and courage to face a society that have failed to nurture them, as the nation charges and moves a full speed ahead in the name of prosperity.
The 20th Busan International Film Festival Wide Angle - Documentary Competition

Oct 2 | 19:00 | Lotte Cinema Centum City 2
Oct 8 | 10:00 | Busan Cinema Center Cinema 2
Oct 9 | 12:00 | Lotte Cinema Centum City 2
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