Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2012 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project AM/FM And Made For Music
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project AM/FM And Made For Music
Director Waraluck EVERY, David REEVE
Country Thailand, United Kingdom
Director's Profile Waraluck EVERY started in casting and sound production, working on several award-winning projects. In 1998 she emigrated to the UK, returning to Thailand in 2007. In 2009 she produced/co-directed a short film, The Piano Tuner, and produced a documentary TV series about Bangkok’s hidden cultures. In 2011 she directed her first solo short film, Quintet Japo Kit; AM/FM And Made For Music is her first full-length documentary. David REEVE began working in film distribution before embarking on a freelance career as a filmmaker. While editing various documentaries, art films and movie trailers he has directed several music promos, short fiction and documentary films. Current projects include housing documentary Janet and Larry Move Out, feature documentary AM/FM And Made for Music, and music documentary A Song. David is a member of BAFTA.
Peeking out from behind Thailand’s increasingly dominant pop scene lies a world of music that is largely forgotten or undiscovered. Over the period of a day, AM/FM And Made For Music follows some of the musicians and music-makers from Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, and from the Isan area in the north-east of the country. Their sounds are inspired by very different environments; the loud polluted and bustling city, and the arid fields and rice fields of Isan. What these musicians have in common is their resolve to stick to their identity, offering a purity of sound that deserves a wider audience. More than anything though this film is a celebration of music, and those people that dedicate their lives to music in some way. Music restores us, reminds us who we are, reveals our identity.
Director's Note
Thailand's musical history is only available in a dull 'text book' format that is often idealized and nationalistic and mostly describes what is and is not "authentic" Thai music. In making this movie we were determined to break away from this centralized cultural vision, and we broadened out from focusing on just traditional Thai music towards all Thai musicians who are happy in their own niche, but who perhaps fall outside the mainstream. In doing so we found that musicians from across the social spectrum were silently fighting for their own artistic identity; and we also discovered a parallel world of friendship and inspiration, as well as cherished memories of people who have let music come into their lives.
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