Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2012 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Fluid Boundaries
Category DMZ Fund
Project Fluid Boundaries
Director MUN Jeonghyun, Daniel Rudi HARYANTO, Vladimir TODOROVIC
Country Korea, Singapore, Indonesia
Director's Profile Director MUN Jeonghyun has been with P.U.R.N Production, an independent documentary production since 2003. His film Grandmother' Flower (2007) got best documentary award in Busan International Film Festival and was invited to Berlin Film Festival Forum. His recent film Yongsan (2010) got Award of Excellence in Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. Daniel Rudi HARYANTO was born in Semarang, 1978. He graduated from Film and Television on Jakarta Institute of Arts. He is the winner of director guild of Japan award at Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in 2011 and received awards from several festivals. Vladimir TODOROVIC is a filmmaker, new media artist and an educator. His recent debut feature Water Hands premiered at the 40th International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2011. Water Hands received a special mention award at Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival.
In the area of Shinyeonlee in South Korea, people work next to the river on the border. Chinese, Indian, and Malay fishermen are fishing on the sea border in between Malaysia and Singapore. Ichan, who is a sailor in Indonesia tells us his story about the people that he transports from Indonesia to Singapore. In Singapore, foreign workers go to Malaysia to renew their employment passes. On the way back they remembered their relative who is working in Korea. Peter in Korea tells us stories about his travels and his life faraway from the family. After hearing various stories of the people who spend a lot of time near the borders, we question: how much do these people have in common even if they live in different places, and share different individual histories? Through the stories and lives of these people, a rigid structure like border becomes softer and liquid.
Director's Note
Three of us kept meeting in various festivals. We started thinking about possible topics and what we can do to facilitate the collaboration in between different countries where we live: South Korea, Singapore and Indonesia. After awhile we came up with the idea of using video letters that we will be sending to each other, and that way create a flowing narrative. We are interested to explore how our story will change based on the collective storytelling method we will use. By doing this film collaboratively we will not only discuss and showcase the topic of Fluid Boundaries and life surrounding those, but also in its process we will aim for creating a fluid interaction between ourselves. We hope this will reflect the way we interact across the borders.
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