Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2012 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Go Grandriders
Category Distribution Support Fund
Project Go Grandriders
Director HUA Tien-hao
Country Taiwan
Director's Profile Born in 1981 in Taipei, Hua Tian-hao has engaged in the production of documentaries, commercials and promotion videos since 2002. He harbors the creative philosophy that film is but a media by which to transmit ideas. His works include (2006, Still Photographer), (2009), (2011).
A group of octogenarians ride scooters across Taiwan despite their families’ worries and fears on a grand adventure that proves dreams and passion don’t fade away with the onset of old age. Seventeen Grandriders get licenses and practice hard in preparation for the big trip. They are not unusually healthy elders: some of them fight cancer, a lot of them suffer high blood pressure or heart disease, it’s a given that all of them have joint pains. However their enthusiasm measures no less than men and women a half, or a quarter, their age carrying dreams on their scooters. The Grandriders’ trip isn’t just about the process of overcoming old age. The journey compels each of the bikers to look back at their past. While being nostalgic about their passionate youth, they realize their lingering hatreds and disgraces from the island’s history of war have faded over time. They wash off their past in Taiwan’s turbulent development, riding away on their scooters. (CHO Young-jung)
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