Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2013 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Hijab
Category Hyowon Fund
Project Hijab
Director KIM Tae-il
Country Korea
Director's Profile Kim Tae-il started his career in Purn Production company in 1991. He has directed Special Song of Wonjin Factory (1993), People Who Cross the Border (1995), A Mother (1995) and Annyong, Sayonara (2004). He was invited to the 2005 Busan International Film Festival and won Woonpa Award. He started making documentary with family production company, ‘Sang-Koo-Nae’, starting with from No Name Stars (2010) about the Gwangju Democratization Movement and the he made Wellang Trei (2012). Director and his ‘family’ plan to travel around the world to tell the story of people.
Almost every Palestinian family has victims due to the Israeli military operations. The women in these families are in great sufferings from losing their loved ones. Because of their cultural value on the family life, their suffering resonates in a deeper matter. Facing immense violence just because they born in this land, they are left without the option but to endure the suffering and mourning. From their parents generation, to their current living situation, and the concerned for their children’s future, we would like them share with us their memories and experiences with us.
Director's Note
Palestinian women live enduring harsh reality, surviving wars, dealing with meaningless deaths of family members and neighbors. We have often seen the images of Arabic women screaming and crying in anger as shown on news. This film will sail out to tell the daily lives and the story of these women with their point of view and share their inexplicable incidents and repressed memories of the current era.
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