Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2014 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Perfect World
Category Hyowon Fund
Project Perfect World
Director HAN Young Hee
Country Korea
Director's Profile Han Young-hee is an activist for the Collective for Sexually Minor Cultures PINKS. She co-directed The Time of Our Lives (2009) and directed the 'Now Going to Pyeongtaek' episode of omnibus documentary Shout to the Sky, Be a Gleam of Hope (2013), about the SsangYong Motors affair.
Kim Jung-woon, the father, comes to Hyun-woo's graduation ceremony. Hyun-woo will soon be entering junior high school. Hyun-woo is happy and grateful that his father came to see him at school since it is rare for him to see his father. In contrast, Kim Jung-woon realizes how much Hyun-woo has grown up and feels regret for not being able to be by his side, taking care of him. When Hyun-woo was in third grade, Kim Jung-woon was involved in a 77-day strike against SsangYong Motors, as a leading member of the labor union administration. For that, he was imprisoned and kept away from his son. Hyun-woo had always been a quiet child but as he is on his way to junior high school, he begins to brighten up. He is excited to start afresh, saying goodbye to the friends who knew him before. Entering the third year in junior high school, Sun-taek meets his father, Kim Deuk-joong, by chance on Jeju Island. Sun-taek's father, Kim Deuk-joong, is also one of SsangYong Motors’ laid off workers. Sun-taek used to always ask for his father, but now spends his days busy doing his own thing and does not ask for his father any more. This makes Kim Deuk-joong uneasy. It's hard for him to shake off the feeling that Sun-taek might resent him. Sun-taek likes to draw and build robots in his small bedroom, as well as just slacking off, lost in his daydreams. Slowly, Sun-taek grows afraid of the world. He fears that somebody might be watching him. Where does this fear come from? Sun-taek's memories take him far back to the days of the strike.
Director's Note
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