Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2014 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Like Ants for Sugar
Category Busan Bank Fund
Project Like Ants for Sugar
Director Shirley ABRAHAM, Amit MADHESHIYA
Country India
Director's Profile Shirley Abraham is a researcher and filmmaker, based in Mumbai. Her work on the traveling cinemas of India is narrated through research and artistic interventions - still images, conversations, collages, participatory observation, archival research, and is currently taking shape as a film. She has extensively presented her work through workshops, lectures and showcases, across festivals and universities in Asia, Europe and America, and she has been a fellowship holder of the Cluster of Excellence ‘Asia Europe in a Global Context’. Her work is supported by the Sundance Institute, Bertha Foundation, CBA WorldView, and the India Foundation for the Arts in partnership with the Goethe-Institut. She has also worked on documentary, script and research projects with Al Jazeera English, Fox Television Studios India, BBC Radio 4, Need Productions Belgium and Walkwater India.
For seven decades, traveling tent cinemas have been the sole venues of movie magic for patrons in rural India. Accompanying the showmen of the touring cinemas on their magical journeys, Like Ants for Sugar unfolds as a visual journey following four protagonists who strive to maintain their places in the vanishing world of the talkies. A low caste farmer, who rose to become a cinema showman, faces a tough decision about the fate of his crumbling cinema lorry. A blind boy struggles to repair his broken cane, so as to be able to travel to his annual cinema show. A rising cinema exhibitor is forced to pawn his wife’s jewellery to keep running his touring cinema. An old projector mechanic waits to sell the dream machine he created - the perfect Indian cinema projector. Bringing an untold story to life from one of the last bastions of touring cinemas in the world, Like Ants for Sugar beautifully portrays a fervent love for the movies that draw us all as a devoted audience.
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