Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2014 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project My Fair Wedding (aka. Late Bloomer)
Category Dong-Eui Cinema Fund
Project My Fair Wedding (aka. Late Bloomer)
Director JANG Hee Sun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in 1973, Jang Hee Sun studied at Ewha Woman’s University and at the graduate school of Yongin University's Department of Film. Her film works have enjoyed great attention, starting with her first feature, Making Sun-dried Red Peppers (1999), which won the Berinale NETPAC Award Special Mention, and was invited to compete at the Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival. She is credited with several award-winning fiction films and documentary films, including Jae-hee’s Story (2000), Friendly and Harmonious (2005), and We Shall Overcome (2009). My Fair Wedding is her third documentary film.
In April of last year, Kimjho Gwang-soo told director Jang Hee Sun that he was soon to hold a public same-sex wedding ceremony with his partner. As a well-known representative of gay people in Korea, he was finally getting married, at 49 years old, to his partner of 9 years, Dave Kim! This wedding not only created a stir in Korean society generally, where same-sex marriage is not legally allowed, but also within the Korean gay community. By planning to make the most private and blessed wedding into a public celebration, they provoked a lot of hate as well as much attention. And, for 3 months, their wedding preparations continued to raise a storm. Through the relationship of this couple, we gain insight into the desires, prejudices, and conflicts that are contracted socioculturally in our society. And in contrast, we can witness networks of solidarity, consideration, and affirmation. I follow the couple, checking in with them right through to D-Day, to see how successfully they manage to safely hold their wedding ceremony. But, in fact, I will be thoroughly dissecting and recombining the various elements of their relationship. This documentary will show how two such different people manage to resolve conflicts between them when faced with a big problem. Also, it will show, through Dave Kim's perspective, how he suddenly grows up while chasing after Kimjho Gwang-soo, whose life is full of ups and downs. You will see how Kimjho Gwang-soo grows to realize a great love together with Dave Kim, who is 19 years his junior.
Director's Note
Although I doubted whether I, a heterosexual person, could film a documentary about 'same-sex marriage,' I leaped into the project because I was curious about these people who advocated for the legalization of same-sex marriage. However, what became even more appealing to me as the shoot went on were the intimate, personal moments, rather than the social significance of it all. While preparation for the wedding itself was no easy task, it was even more difficult to face the contradictions that existed between the two people involved. As they agonized over their relationship and as I shot them overcoming their conflicts, I felt that such moments were far more 'romantic' than any sweet pose or kiss on the lips.
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