Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2015 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Ashes of Dreams
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project Ashes of Dreams
Director OH Hyunjin / KO Duhyun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Oh Hyunjin was born in Busan in 1988 and made short documentaries, such as Here, our town in 2011, Byeopssi school in 2012 and a feature documentary Garden City and Me in 2014. These films all have been screened in various festivals, such as Seoul Independent Film Festival, Indieforum, Seoul Independent Documentary Film & Video Festival, and Green Film Festival in Seoul. Ko Duhyun was born in Ulsan in 1986. His first short documentary was Yoyo & me depicting a story of yoyo street performers. Ashes of Dreams is OH’s second and KO’s first feature documentary.
Maseok Furniture Complex in Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province. On the rooftop of a factory are three people living together: Soe, Joe and Marco, who say they are from “Burma”. They have been working in Korea illegally for a long time. Hard labor is sometimes tough, but they put up with it through a sense of pride in supporting their families and by drinking on weekends out of loneliness. For the first time in 10 years, the two brothers – Soe and Joe – decide to return to their home country, but Marco does not have willingness or money to do so. In Yangon, Myanmar, the brothers begin a new life after coming back home after a long time. However, Burma in their memory has long gone; what lies before them is new Myanmar under reform, which has opened up to foreign capital. The society that has undergone rapid changes for the past decade presents another challenge to Soe and Joe. Meanwhile, Marco, is left alone at the rooftop without any promise when to go back home. His girlfriend pushes him to come back soon; however, Marco totters drunk in a Itaewon back alley. When will the three, who had to leave to stay, be able to regain stability in life?
Director's Note
Ashes of Dreams is a story of the people who left to find their place in life and come back to find that place after a long time. The three protagonists from Burma left home because they were more courageous than anyone. They worked hard than anyone and saved money more wisely than anyone. However, this world does not allow them to rest. Will they be able to return to their place in life that they have dreamt of? I am not simply following their footage in Maseok Furniture Complex and Burma, everyone leaves to live and comes back to live. This film raises a question for all of us on the meaning of “living”.
Still Cut
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