Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2016 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project They Are One Hundred Years Old
Category Dongseo Asia Fund
Project They Are One Hundred Years Old
Director Dukar Tserang
Country China
Director's Profile Graduated from Beijing Film Academy, Dukar Tserang earned a BA degree in literature at the Department of Tibetan Language and Literature of the North West University for Nationalities. He is a guest columnist at the 107 Cine, an independent filmmaker, a sound director, a composer, a screenwriter and a director. In November 2011, Dukar went to the US as a visiting exchange film directing and creation scholar. In 2013, he served as the sound producer of the Singaporean film Yellow Box , and later established his own studio the SoundFilm. He has been involved in the making of award-winning Tibetan films and also theatrical movies throughout China, and has rich creative experience.
In his previous life, he was her husband. In this life, he is her grandson. He is the same person. In his previous life, she was his wife. In this life, she is his grandmother. She is the same person. This year they are one hundred years old,. They live under the same roof. The film shows the real life of a Tibetan nomad family, how the head of the family was reincarnated within the same household, and two different lives with his "wife". His wife cares for him just as before, but there are also voices of dissent. In the new life in front of him, he feels lost but he also has his own voice. This year their combined age is one hundred years.
Director's Note
This is not a story but a true episode in my family. I'm not relating my grandfather's magical life, I'm just honestly showing a herdsman's new life. Her life is hard, but she is also content. In their one hundred years, some things changed, some things remained the same. But this is their true life, one that may continue for another hundred years.
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