Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2017 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Comrade on the road
Category BNK Busan Bank Fund
Project Comrade on the road
Director WAN Fai
Country Hong Kong(China)
Director's Profile WAN Fai graduated from School of Creative Media, Cinematic-art at the City University of Hong Kong. He has long been focusing on independent film production. Some of his short films drew attention and were screened in different film festivals.
The Umbrella Movement started in 2014 in Hong Kong and lasted for 79 days. International media always praised it for its peaceful demonstration. But inside the protest, there were many conflicts, especially when there was no progress after a long period of time. The minority of activists decided to intensify the action by using a different and even more violent way to confront the government, but each time this was stopped by other peaceful protesters. That’s when internal quarreling started and never stopped until the present. After the failure of the Umbrella Movement, many activists who took part in the Movement doubt traditional peaceful demonstration. Localism camp rose up quickly, which supports more violent protests and more and more young activists are joining them.
Director's Note
I want to make a documentary reflecting and discussing about how the Umbrella Movement came to be a failure, and show the separation between the different factions in the movement, and how this kind of separation started within the movement. And also how the movement has been going on afterwards. The different paths of activists who support different ideas.
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