Asian Cinema Fund 2018

2017 Asian Network of Documentary (AND) Fund

Project Eyelashes
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project Eyelashes
Director JUNG Yoonsuk
Country South Korea
Director's Profile Born in 1981. His first film, Non-Fiction Diary (2013), which deals with Korea’s first serial murder case in the 1990s, won various international awards including BIFF Mecenat Award for the best Korean documentary at BIFF, the Official Noves Visions Best Feature Length Non-Fiction Film at SITGES ? International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and NETPAC Award at Berlinale. His second film, Bamseom Pirates Seoul Inferno (2017) was invited to International Film Festival Rotterdam.
Human makes ′human′.
Director's Note
The film starts by showing how mannequins are produced. Tracing the human history or the images of capitalism that are consumed in the form of human figures, it broadens the boundaries of the film. The replicas that replicate human beings are made in the periphery of the city, and those that live in the periphery dream of moving toward the center of the society while they produce ′human′ figures. In the end, the film points out that the human figures that we have been dreaming of are not ′humans,′ and those that dream of idealized humans are also the ′replicas′ of capitalism. Through this paradox, the film hopes to capture the links that connect different aspects of the society of our time.
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