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Project MORE (Working Title)
Category BIFF Mecenat Fund
Project MORE (Working Title)
Director LEE Ilha
Country South Korea
Director's Profile Director Lee Ilha received a master’s degree in film studies at the graduate school of Nihon University, and a doctorate in the documentary filmmaking at the graduate school of Osaka University of Arts. He directed Roadmentary (2008), A Crybaby Boxing Club (2014), and Counters (2018).
Tonight, Jimin stands on the same stage as the drag queen performer “More”, like the night when she started performing at Itaewon 20 years ago. The Itaewon area in Seoul, South Korea has been known as ‘Little America’ because of the U.S. military base situated nearby. In Itaewon, Jimin’s sexual identity becomes the subject of entertaining and joy. Her stage name “More” means a hairy fish(毛魚). Through the artist More who wants to keep her own world despite of all the struggles around her, this documentary film More can be the drag show performed by her that is presented to the world.
Director's Note
When I first came to know ‘More’, it was from a photo of her while I was in Japan. In the photo, she was wearing drag queen makeup and was topless. She was like a warrior who is fiercely fighting for something, and, at the same time, she looked like a femme fatale. I was absolutely sure from the photo that she is not an ordinary drag queen. So, for the story about More, I felt that a musical documentary would be the best way to show More’s story including her life in the past and in the present, collaborating with music and choreography.
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