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Project Life Track
Category Asian
Project Life Track
Director Guang Hao JIN
Country China
Director's Profile As cinematographer he has made three feature films “Gui Dae” (1997), “Yoajaeen Mueodeenga?” (1988), and “White Flower” (2001). In 2005 he made two feature films “Chunha-Chudong” and “Bang-Ji” and he is currently working on post-production of “Life Track.” He currently works at Yanbian TY broadcasting company.
All human life runs on the primitive instinct. Conscious Initiative. Maternal love. Opposite sex affection. Different than wrapped and modified human’s primitive instinct, handicapped people have primitive instinct that are genuinely impotent. Handicapped people can not even enjoy the basic human rights of companionship and they are separated from the normal people. Therefore, they are a low life. Human’s primitive instinct embodiment is most suitable for low life. The film deals with a reciprocal affection and the emotional perish over time between handicapped man without arms, Zezhu and a mute, Xiangshu. The film expresses the most basic and fundamental part of the human being, a primitive instinct.
Director's Note
2007 Pusan International Film Festival - New Currents Award
2007 Seoul Independent Film Festival
2008 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Time & Tide
2008 Barcelona Asian Film Festival - International Competition
2008 Edinburgh International Film Festival - Competition
2008 International Film Festival TOFIFEST (Poland)
2008 Vladivostok International Film Festival of Asia Pacific Countries
2008 Croatia International Split Film Festival
2008 Persons with Disabilities Film Festival
2009 Prague International Film Festival (Czech Republic)
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