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Project Hello, Stranger
Category Korea
Project Hello, Stranger
Director KIM Dong-Hyun
Country Korea
Director's Profile He was the assistant director for “The People in White” (1996) directed by BAE Yong-Goon. In 2004 he made a short film called “Baegopun Haru” (Hungry day) in 2004, which received the Gold Award at the Seoul Independent Film Festival. His first feature “A Shark” was invited to the Seoul Independent Film Festival and Pusan International Film Festival.
The film follows the journey of a North Korean, Jin-wook, adjusting to the hectic and busy life in South Korea. One-day Jin-wook meets an illegal foreign worker, Ting-Woon, from Vietnam on his way to Busan to meet his other North Korean defector friends. Even though they don’t understand each other, Jin-wook accompanies Ting-woon to Boo-An in Chollabbokdo, where Ting-woon’s girlfriend from Vietnam was sent to marry a Korean man.
Director's Note
2007 Pusan International Film Festival - NETPAC Award
2008 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Time & Tide
2008 Independent Feature Film Showcase
2008 Lyon Asian Film Festival – Grand Prize 3rd Place, Youth Prize 2nd Place, New Asian Cinema Prize 2nd Place
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