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Project My Song is...
Category Korea
Project My Song is...
Director AHN Seul-ki
Country Korea
Director's Profile He has made several short films among which is “Is Not Love" (2002), and “Kiss me, please!” (2003). He made his first feature “Five Is Too Many” in 2005, and the film was screened at Pusan International Film Festival, Jeonju International Film Festival and Fribourg International Film Festival.
20-year old Hee-Chul works at a small restaurant and lives without a dream or hope. He doesn’t believe in higher education and lives with his grandmother. By complete coincidence, Hee-Chul gets cast by Hyun-Joo, a film director, as a leading man in a short film. During the production period Hee-Chul starts to transform from a lifeless being to a curious man, taking an interest to the world surrounding him. Hee-Chul is moved by the world created by the director, Hyun-Joo, and he starts to take a step forward to a different path. is a film that shares the growing pain of the people who were, are and will be in there early 20s.
Director's Note
2007 Pusan International Film Festival - New Currents
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