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Project Breathless
Category Korea
Project Breathless
Director YANG Ik June
Country Korea
Director's Profile He graduated from the Department of Entertainment & Acting, Kongju Communication Arts College. As an actor, he has appeared in various films like [Maundy Thursday] (2006, Song Hae-sung), [Les Formidables] (2006, Cho Min-ho), and [No Manners ](2002, Cho Keun-sik). He began a career as director with his short film, [Always Behind You] (2005), which premiered and was awarded at the Seoul Independent Film Festival 2005 and then was presented at various film festivals. He is still carrying out acting and directing.
After witnessing the death of his mother and sister when he was young, Sang-hoon has grown up with violence. Sang-hoon visits his father regularly to beat him because he had driven the family to death. Day by day, Sang-hoon tries to overcome the violence in his life. One day he meets a high school girl, Yeon-hee, during a small conflict. A happenstance meeting leads to second and third ones, and the two gradually find out more about themselves through each other. Not knowing how they are related, they and others related to them make a new relationship.
Director's Note
Family: the relationship that induces forgiveness for everything just because of blood ties, and that makes family members recognize but not accept the truth that violence within their family relationship may be crueler than abuse from the outside world. Where can we find a wonder drug to relieve the pain, loneliness, anger, and loss that originates inside the family? Now, is it better to take a medicine for these ills or to wish not to get ill? I would like to ask a question.
2008 Pusan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today: Vision
2008 Seoul International Family Film Festival
2008 Seoul Independent Film Festival
2009 International Film Festival Rotterdam - Tiger Award
2009 Goteborg International Film Festival
2009 Beograd Film Festival
2009 International Film Festival of Las Palmas - Best Actor, Best Actress
2009 Deauville Asian Film Festival - Best Film, International Critic’s Award
2009 Fribourg International Film Festival
2009 Korea Film Festival (Florence, Italy)
2009 Singapore International Film Festival - Best Actor
2009 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Another View
2009 FILMFEST MÜNCHEN - Focus on the Far East
2009 Taipei Film Festival - New Talent Award Competition
2009 Pacific Meridian International Film Festival - Best Feature, Best Actress
2009 Tokyo FILMeX - Best Feature, Audience Award
2009 Tallin Black Nights FF
2009 Marakech Film Festival
2010 Palm Springs International Film Festival
2010 Tromso International Film Festival
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