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Project The Pit and the Pendulum
Category Korea
Project The Pit and the Pendulum
Director SOHN Young sung
Country Korea
Director's Profile He worked on the crew of several feature films including [If You Were Me-Crossing](2002, Yeo Kyun-Dong). In 2004, he worked as assistant director on the production of [A Tale of Cinema] (2005, Hong Sang-soo). He has made several short films and his documentary [The Sang-am-Dong World Cup] (2002, co-directed by Park Hong Yeol) was selected for the Wide Angle section of the 7th Pusan International Film Festival, 2002. His other project [Lunar Eclipse] was selected as a 2007 ACF Script Development Project.
Attending a friend’s funeral, a group of former classmates begin to look back on Sang-tae; a researcher of history who was studying the Keumjeong Cave where the slaughter of innocent people had been committed. Present is a strange senior classmate with a mendacious countenance. In their remembrance, Sang-tae may spend the cruelest time of his life. However, they do not stop talking about him although they don’t really want to know the truth about him. When will they stop? Until they are able to satisfy their hunger with a good meal?
Director's Note
Beginning with remembrances of a historical science researcher, this film digs down into the truth like digging into hole, where at the bottom, the truth is most deteriorated. What is true is actually not so important anymore. Nevertheless, we hurt others with our pride and prejudice, and others sometimes will hurt us; we are given over to flavorful gossip to be recognized by others, and we will be the object of glib gossip by others as well. I would like you to regard unflinchingly this portrait of a people who have a cruel perspective of themselves and are struggling to get out of the trap of life.
2008 Pusan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today:Vision
2008 Seoul Independent Film Festival
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