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Project Land of Scarecrows
Category Korea
Project Land of Scarecrows
Director ROH Gyeong Tae
Country Korea
Director's Profile ROH Gyeong-tae studied at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and worked at Samsung Securities Company as a stockbroker. He also studied film at the San Francisco Art Institute. His experimental short films are [Father and Son](2005) and [Reincarnation](2005), both of which have won several awards at festivals worldwide. [The Last Dining Table] (2006), Roh’s first feature film, was shown at the Locarno, Sundance, Rotterdam film festivals among others. At Pusan International Film Festival it won the NETPAC award as well as the CGV Best Film Award at the Seoul Independent Film Festival. He is currently a professor at Chung-Woon University in Hong Seung City.
This film depicts the everyday life of three isolated characters who each have a dream: Jang Ji-young, a transvestite lesbian acting as a 40 years-old man, Loi Tan, an adopted Filipino boy, and Rain, a young woman from the Philippines with a Korean dream. Their lives accidentally intertwine bring them face to face with tragic results. Jang lives the isolated life of an amateur sculptor and corpse cleaner. Loi Tan was adopted by Jang and brought to Korea at age 6. Now he gets by through strenuous part time jobs. Rain marries Jang shortly after arriving in Korea. When she finds out that Jang is a woman, she wanders around the peninsula like a ghost. When these three characters meet face to face again, what ending will ensue?
Director's Note
This film talks about pollution from deep within. The way the characters undergo a psychological pollution in their work and living spaces and how these people pollute their own environment illustrates the irony that the modern man lives in.
2008 Pusan International Film Festival - New Currents Award
2008 Seoul Independent Film Festival - Kodak Award
2009 Berlin Film Festival - Forum
2009 HONG KONG International Film Festival
2009 Cannes International Film Festival - ACID
2009 Belgrade International Film Festival
2009 Denmark CPH:PIX International Film Festival
2010 Switzerland Black Movie Festival
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