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Project Ocean of an Old Man
Category Asian
Project Ocean of an Old Man
Director Rajesh SHERA
Country India
Director's Profile Rajesh SHERA studied Economics at Delhi University and got a PG Diploma in Editing at the Film and Television Institute of India. [Ksya, Tra, Ghya], a short film which he edited, was selected to screen at the Oberhausen Short Film Festival. He also directed [Contradiction], [Once Upon a Time], and [Bust Stand]. [Ocean of an Old Man] is his first feature film.
This film is the narration of the oceanic concern of an Archetypal School Teacher…for his young students, angelic children, who once belonged to his world of REALITY…. who came every day to attend the school from the nearby islands… Until one day the Ocean unfurls its fury on these islands in the form of the Tsunami… Something changes in nature...he survived but his family was lost in the Ocean waves…he looks to the ocean for them… After two months the school reopens. But as the days pass by, five students become conspicuous by their absence. The Teacher goes out in search of missing children but strange experiences and emotions wait for him in those devastated islands. In the meantime the government relocates the islanders to safer places in the city but the teacher chooses to remain behind and one day in his attempts to find his missing school children he lands on a forbidden island. Once a School Teacher – now an old man, living in an old dingy Japanese bunker, reminiscing the bygone days, religiously conducting classes under a solitary tree, talking to the moon… to the Ocean…
Director's Note
I visited the Andaman and Nicobar Islands after the Great Tsunami of the 26th December 2004. The human agonies, which I witnessed there, the aftermath of the devastations, and similar tales of woe and loss that unfolded around the world remained with me even after I came back from the archipelago. I sensed a great urgency to tell a story of this tragedy to the world and I choose my medium of cinema. [Ocean of an Old Man] took shape during my sojourns in those islands. So, this film is the story that the Islands and the Ocean had told me.
2008 Pusan International Film Festival - New Currents Award
2008 Cairo International Film Festival
2009 Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI) SIGNS - Competition
2009 Kala Ghoda Art Festival Mumbai - Special Screening
2009 BREDA International Film Festival (The Netherlands) – Competition / Audience Award
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