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Project River People
Category Asian
Project River People
Director Jianjun HE
Country China
Director's Profile Born in Beijing in 1960, he studied in the Directing Department at the Beijing Film Academy. He was a log-keeper and assistant director to Chen Kaige, Zhang Yimou and Tian Zhuangzhuang on their films. After directing several TV programs, his films such as [Red Beads](1993), [Postman](1994), [Charming Butterfly](2000), and [Pirated Copy](2005) have screened and won prizes at various international film festivals. Now, he is in pre-production on a new film about the lives of young farmers in a present day village in the mountains in northern China.
whole family. Baowa and Laba both have expertise in the ways of catching fish. Every day, they will go to the river, one will lay the hook and catch fish, the other will support by paddling the boat. Their cooperation is perfect. The Boatman will keep the fish to cook for tourists, so that they can make some money to be divided equally among the four brothers to support their families. Baowa would not like to go on catching fish forever, hoping rather to explore his life on land. The truth is that the Boatman is afraid of the outside world. After a big quarrel during the Chinese New Year, Baowa leaves home with the help of Laba. The Boatman gets mad, but after some days, he says that Baowa will be back as long as the Yellow River exists.
Director's Note
Based on the true lives of the river people, the story is about two boys. One boy wants to leave for the cities, and the other wants to stay. It is told through the perspective of Laba who wants to stay. There have been quite a few Chinese films about young people migrating to work in cities from faraway country villages. I would like to tell the story about the lives of those staying behind.
2008 Pusan International Film Festival - A Window on Asian Cinema
2008 Dubai International Film Festival – Documentary Competition
2008 Macau Art Center (November)
2009 International Film Festival Rotterdam
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