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Project Enlightenment Film
Category Korean Project
Project Enlightenment Film
Director PARK Dong-hoon
Country Korea
Director's Profile Park received a MFA in Film from the Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Chung-Ang University. His film [Mother] received the Best Director Award at the Seoul Independent Film Festival in 1994, and he produced [Connection] (1996), [Looking for…] (2001) and [In Between] (2003). [War Movie] (2005) was awarded the Best Short Film at the MBC Korea Film Awards.
A family is gathered at the father’s deathbed. Although they seem to be living normally, they are broken within. Through the daughter’s past, the father’s past, and the father’s father’s past, the film shows the starting point of the present situation and the decisions that came to neglect them.
Director's Note
There are things that you are able to understand but want to refuse, and things that you can understand but want to break away from, yet it is difficult to do so because we resemble them. Such terrifying desires of thoughtlessness continue to spread. I wanted to express the despondent era as the ‘terror’ of desire through people who are considered to be the mainstream.
2009 Pusan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today: Vision
2009 Seoul Independent Film Festival
2010 Moscow International Film Festival - International Competition
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