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Project Eternity (Tee-Rak)
Category Asian Project
Project Eternity (Tee-Rak)
Director Sivaroj KONGSAKUL
Country Thailand
Director's Profile Sivaroj Kongsakul began his career as an assistant director for Penek Ratanaruang, Wisit Sasanatieng, and Aditya Assarat on many of their short films, television commercials, and music videos. He was also the cinematographer for Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s short Worldly Desires. Since 2002, he has directed ten short films. His two latest films, Always and Silencio, were both invited to the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and won awards there as well as at other festivals around the world.
Eternity follows a man through three stages of being-as a ghost wandering through his childhood home, as a young man falling in love with his future wife, and as an absence in the life of his surviving family.
Director's Note
I wanted the film to be about this memory of my father and our family. The film will be separated into three parts tied together by the concept of “death”. The first part is inspired by the Thai belief that the spirit of the dead will return after three days to “walk the footsteps” of the place it cherished. The second part is the recreation of the story my mother always told me when she missed my father. It is about the time when they met and fell in love. The third part is about the daily life of our family in the days following my father’s death when we felt his spirit was still with us. In this film, the three parts will be connected by “darkness” as a metaphor for “the death of a loved one” that will stay with us forever.
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