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Project Ordinary Days
Category Korean Project
Project Ordinary Days
Director Inan
Country Korea
Director's Profile Inan graduated from Dankook University, major in cinema. His short film, Swing Diary (1996) won the Excellence Award at the Seoul Independent Film Festival and was invited to the Pusan International Film Festival and the Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival. In 2002, he shot 7am, Slowly: Opposite page, which won the Minsong Extreme Short Award at the Busan International Short Film Festival. He also directed Rare Dream (2003), Bitch & Asshole (2003), and Amnesia 11518405 (2004).
Han-cheul, a late 30s insurance agent, goes to work as usual. Things go wrong again and again and he just let his mind wander. He has an argument with one of his colleagues and came home. Suddenly he realizes his wife and children are no more with him. He gets a phone call from one of his children’s friends’ mothers. She refreshes his forgotten memories and he went to his wife’s grave. Hyo-ri, an accessories designer, gets dumped by her boyfriend after dating for 5 years and has a car accident on her way home. She goes back to her hometown and stays with her mother. She lets out her feelings about her mother and comes back home. But she couldn’t dare to cross the street where she had the accident. As time passed, the wound on the leg was healed, and one night she begins to cross the street. Soo-hyuk runs a small coffee shop. When his grandfather passes away, he decides to close his business and go to Lisbon. The day before his leaving, he finds out the man who hurt his grandfather and chases him. Soo-hyuk follows him to the man’s apartment and hits him with a tamper. However, the guy who fell down in the street is not the man he was looking for. It was Han-cheul.
Director's Note
Something very important to me doesn’t mean the same to others. And when those things leave a deep scar in our heart, we can’t easily erase or forget them and get to have certain compulsive behaviors. Sometimes self-obsessive and self-torturing behaviors can be unexpectedly bounced toward the others. A scar produces another one and this vicious circle keeps repeating. We are scared of the violence but at the same time feel some strange catharsis through it.
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