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Project Re-encounter
Category Korean Project
Project Re-encounter
Director MIN Yong Keun
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in 1976,Min Yong Keun graduated from Hanyang University, major in cinema. His short debut, The Weekend (1996) was invited to the 1st Pusan International Film Festival, since then he directed Mom, I'm sorry (1997) and Spring (1998). He directed a few TV documentaries for several years after graduation. His short film, The Little Thief (2006) was invited to the Pusan International Film Festival and the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, and to several others. This film also won the Director’s Award at the Sapporo International Short Film Festival. His other project, The Reason (2008) was selected for ACF Script Development Fund Projects in the Pusan International Film Festival.
23-year-old Hye-hwa, working at a veterinary clinic, lives with abandoned dogs in a remote house. One day, she goes to a demolished village to rescue abandoned dogs, she sees a herniated dog near a derelict house. After several days, she goes back to the village for the dog, she runs into Han-soo, her ex-boyfriend. He tells her their child is still alive. As he gives solid evidences about their child’s survival to persuade her, she gets struck with shock since she thought she died for 5 years.
Director's Note
We meet tons of people everyday but most of them are meaningless to us. If we take a hard look into these superficial relationships, we can see the ties weak but tangled up. I want to say how important these relationships are even if it is not permanent.
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