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Project Romance Joe
Category Korean Project
Project Romance Joe
Director LEE Kwangkuk
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in 1975, LEE Kwangkuk graduated from the film department of Seoul Institute of the Arts. He directed short films such as [I.D. Renewal], [Papa Where Are You?] and [A House At the End of An Alley]. His career continued as assistant director to Hong Sangsoo, on such films as [Tale of Cinema], [Woman On the Beach], [Like You Know it All] and [Hahaha]. [Romance Joe] was selected for Cine21’s ‘New Directors’ program in 2010.
When famous actress Woo Ju-hyeon commits suicide, Romance Joe, who was assistant director on one of her movies quits his job and moves to a rural town. On the brink of suicide, he meets a waitress who reminds of his first love, Cho-hee. Lee, a famous filmmaker, comes to the town to write a new screenplay. He starts talking to the waitress, who tells him about Romance Joe’s unique love story. Lee decides to make a movie based on Romance Joe’s story, but his best intentions go awry.
Director's Note
One day, I realized that people including myself constantly have conversations about something with others. Some should be absolutely necessary for our lives but most are useless. On one hand people gossip and make rumors about others, and on the other some commit suicide because of this. This world is filled with all kinds of these stories. There are people who even have to create stories to make a living. Why we need stories? What if there weren’t any? [Romance Joe] endeavors to answer these questions.
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