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Project Dangerously Excited
Category Korean Project
Project Dangerously Excited
Director KOO Jahong
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in Seoul, Koo Ja-hong directed [The Last Wolf] in 2004. It was screened at Busan International Film Festival, Fukuoka Asian Film Festival and Sydney Film Festival.
Han DaeHuei, a 7th grade civil servant in the Mapo district office, leads a happy and contented life. In 10 years of work, he has never once lost his temper, even in the face of the most unreasonable complaints. However, he sees change as a threat to his mental health, and consequently never challenges anything. One day, this straight-laced public official meets an ill-mannered and troublemaking indie band, 3X3=9. The Fates repeatedly bring these unlikely bedfellows together, testing Han’s sanity like never before.
Director's Note
A. Does survival mean everything? I don’t have an answer to this, but I am extremely curious about it. B. Can we really stop indulging in all the guilty pleasures that threaten our survival and our right state of mind? [Dangerously Excited] was inspired by my experience as a DJ at a Masterpiece Coffee house in front of my university.
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