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Project Starry Starry Night
Category Asian Project
Project Starry Starry Night
Director Tom LIN Shuyu
Country Taiwan, China
Director's Profile Born in 1976, Tom Lin Shuyu is regarded as one of the most promising new filmmakers emerging from Taiwan. After receiving his M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts in 2002, Tom began work in the Taiwan film industry as the first assistant director to filmmakers such as Tsai Ming-Liang and Cheng Wen-Tang. In 2005, Tom directed his breakthrough short film, [The Pain of Others], and in 2008, his first feature film [Winds of September]. Both films have been screened at various festivals throughout the world and have been appreciated by critics and audiences alike. His works are often filled with dramatic tension, yet within the narrative explore the most basic problems of humanity, creating believable characters that touch the heart. [Starry Starry Night] is his second feature film.
Mei used to live with her grandparents up in the mountains. After moving back to the city, she’s been having a hard time at home and at school. Her only escape is through her memories of the starry night. One day, Mei meets a transfer student, Jay. They face their problems together, but things get worse when Mei’s parents announce their divorce. They decide to run away from home, to see the starry night. In the mountains, they get lost, get caught in a storm and share their secrets; through their adventure, their relationship grows. When they finally arrive at her grandfather’s cabin, Mei collapses from a high fever. She never gets to see the stars. After waking up, she finds herself in hospital, while Jay has been taken away. Mei never sees Jay again, but she will always be grateful for his friendship, which made the worst time of her growing up become her most beautiful memory.
Director's Note
[Starry Starry Night] is a coming of age love story about a twelve-year-old girl’s struggle with her family, her first love and about how the hardest time of a young girl’s life can become her fondest, most beautiful memory. At that tender age, even the smallest, most insignificant things can be catastrophic for any young girl. With this film, I try to find that fine balance between story and atmosphere in exploring the small details of a young girl’s life and how these details alone can be dramatic and life-changing. The film captures the magical moment when we see a child blossoming into a beautiful young lady. This moment is the saddest and most beautiful metamorphosis in the world.
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