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Project CUT
Category Asian Project
Project CUT
Director Amir NADERI
Country Japan, Iran, USA
Director's Profile Amir Naderi is one of the most influential figures of Iranian cinema. He began his career with still photography, and turned to directing in the 1970s. He made some of the most important features of the New Iranian Cinema. Naderi stepped into the international spotlight with films that are now known as cinema classics. [The Runner] is considered by many critics to be one of the most influential films of the past quarter century. After expatriating to New York in the early ’90s, Naderi continued to produce new works. His film [Sound Barrier] (2005) won the prestigious Roberto Rossellini Prize at the Rome Film Festival. His last feature film [Vegas: Based on a True Story] (2008) won the Cinema Avvenire Best Film in Competition Prize and the SIGNIS Award at Venice.
Shuji, a young filmmaker, has made three films, all without any commercial success. One night, two men abduct him, taking him to the local crime syndicate. Shuji faces Masaki, the boss, who inform Shuji of his brother Shingo’s death. Shingo had been working for Masaki and borrowed money from him, which was used to finance production on Shuji’s films. Shingo could not repay the loan, and for that, one day, he was beaten to death. Masaki asks Shuji to pay the debt, but he has nothing except for the films he has made, and the interest on the loan is increasing by the day. Shuji tries unsuccessfully to sell the rights to three of his films, and approaches Masaki, who manages to think up a more painful and brutal way to settle the score.
Director's Note
I have an old interest and feel a deep affinity for Japanese cinema. For me, Japanese cinema, particularly the Golden Age Cinema, has always been one of the most important. I talk about Japanese cinema to my students and explain the significant status of this cinema. The story of CUT has come from my own experience as a filmmaker and also from meeting and talking to Japanese actor, Nishijima Hidetoshi, from whom the character of Shuji formed in my mind. Another temptation of making a film in Japan is working with Japanese actors, whom I believe have a special style and behavior in front of the camera. I hope that after making CUT, I can get closer to the spirit of Japan. Japan is like a modern poem for me.
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