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Project Mai Ratima
Category Korean Project
Project Mai Ratima
Director YOO Ji-tae
Country Korea
Director's Profile As one of Korea’s most recognizable contemporary actors, Yoo Ji-Tae has taken on various roles in many films, such as; One Fine Spring Day and Old Boy. He made his directorial debut with his first short film The Bike Boy. This actor-turned-director has written, directed, produced and acted in his own films. YOO’s filmography includes How Does the Blind Dream?, Out of My Intention and Invitation. All his films have received awards and screened at numerous international film festivals.
Abandoned by the world, Soo-young (Bae Soo-bin) is penniless and has on one to depend on. One day, he saves Ratima (Park Ji-su) from danger and for the first time in his life he wants to protect someone other than himself. Ratima had joined her husband in Korea from Thailand, but she soon became a victim of domestic violence. She finds herself attracted to Soo-young’s kindness and follows him to Seoul. But the happiness doesn’t last long as Soo-young gets worn out from the harsh reality and meets a girl full of charm, Young-jin (So Yoo-jin). She makes every effort to win his heart and he starts wavering.
Director's Note
As of today, there are more than 3 million immigrants in Korea. This film explore the cruel reality caused by an irresponsible neglection of immigration laws and policies. The film reveals how a woman became aware of herself through the changes and adaptation of herself as she confronts the harsh reality as immigrant. Furthermore, the story speaks to the young people of Korea who have suffered hardship in their lives and have opened up themselves to all sorts of possible dangers. And through the main character Soo-young’s irresponsibility and immaturity, the film reflects on personal growth that can be learned from the morality loss.
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