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2012 Projects

2012 Post-Production Fund

Project Jiseul
Category Korean Project
Project Jiseul
Director O Muel
Country Korea
Director's Profile O Muel is an artistic director of arts and cultural creativity working group ‘Japari Lab’ and also a head of Japari Films. He works on various projects from theater play, audio play, avant-garde drama, performance arts to sand animation. His first feature Nostalgia won the Grand Prix award and the Audiovisual Award at the 2009 Korea & Japan Strait Area in Jeju as well as the Jury Special Prize at Jecheon International Music & Film Festival in 2010. Ppongttol won the Movie Collage Award and a special mention in JJ Star Award at Jeonju International Film Festival in 2011. Omuel’s third feature Wind of Island received the Post-production Support Award at Seoul Independent Film Festival in 2011.
Jeju Island in 1948. An eviction order is issued and the army assaults this peaceful island. The residents of Jeju take refuge in the Cave of Middle Mountain to hide from the army troops. They choose to live in the cave to survive but the chances are against them. Sam-chun wants to go back to the village and check up on his pigs. But the residents talk him out of it for fear that the cave might be exposed. People are getting mixed on whether they should go up higher or stay in the cave. The shroud of fear envelops the entire cave…
Director's Note
To me, learning about 4.3 Jeju Uprising was natural like a wind that blows. The untold stories are scattered everywhere. Forced by those who want them to be forgotten, those stories are now on the verge of dissolution. So would’ve my story. This film is about people who withstood harsh realities of life in a dark and cold cave. It also speaks to the innocent souls who died unjustly and people in suffering of our generation.
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