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Project Mot
Category Korean Project
Project Mot
Director SEO Ho-bin
Country Korea
Director's Profile Ho Bin Seo was born in Gyeongju in 1985. Through Da-rock Film Institute, he participated in various short and full-length films, which were shot in Busan, and he directed his first short film, Tonight, in 2009. His filmography also includes Spiritless (2010) and Lost and Found (2011). He is also a representative of Film New Wave, a rising movie company based in Busan. Mot is his full-length debut film as a director and second film of Film New Wave.
“Secrets don’t mean anything if the other person doesn’t know about it. It’s then a something that has never existed.” Hyun-myung, Doo-yong and Gun-woo decide to spend the night at their secret place, the pond, to celebrate their last day of high school and Sung-pil’s sister, Kyung-mi’s birthday. Late night, as the party intensifies, Gun-woo and Kyung-mi go back home to get something quickly. However, they don’t make it back. The rest goes searching for them only to find Gun-woo’s broken scooter and Kyung-mi’s dead body near the verge of the town. Gun-woo is missing. Four years later, Hyun-myung comes back in town and runs into his old friends. Eventually, the truth of the past unfolds.
Director's Note
What is often thought of as mistakes, can they really be called mistakes? We have duties to be responsible for our own actions. Their mistake should not be forgotten, or concealed.
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