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Project Yellow Colt
Category Asian Project
Project Yellow Colt
Director Khoroldorj CHOIJOOVANCHIG
Country Mongolia
Director's Profile Born in 1983, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Hogo (short name) studied IT at the MongolianUniversity of Science and Technology. In 2008 he edited his first feature film Crossroad which won “Best film” award from Mongolian Academy Awards. He wrote and directed his short films that went well through international film festivals such as 48HFPFestival (USA), ShortShorts film festival (JAPAN) and Cannes short film corner (FRANCE). Also he participated in Asian film Academy 2011, Berlinale Talent Campus #10 and Talent Campus Tokyo 2012.
Badam (43) is retrieving his smallest son, Galt (8), after the death of his brother, who had adopted Galt. At beginning, family was worried because Galt missed his uncle and homesick for his uncle’s home – where he grew up. NAADAM festival is nearby. So families begin to train their horses for the race. At this time Yellow Colt wanders into Badam’s herd. Badam had sold the colt’s mother without knowing that she was pregnant with the “Yellow”. It is believed that colts will return to their homeland and original herd even after being born and raised in another place. Galt wanted to attend in the annual “Naadam” festival’s horse race with “Yellow”. But everyone including his father believes the colt belonged to another herder, refused to train the “Yellow”. But Galt secretly begins training the colt using advice passed on by an elderly herder. Facing many struggles separated many times, Galt and “Yellow” attended and won the race. At the end, owner of the colt comes to Badam’s for retrieving “Yellow“. Belonging and desire of Yellow Colt make the man to remember how much priceless of motherland. “Yellow” stays in his homeland; Galt understands the importance of his own homeland.
Director's Note
I am inspired from the stories about Mongolian horses that ran back to their Motherland. For example, in world war 2 Mongolians supported Russia with horses and other things. Somehorses sent to Russia have tried to run back to their Motherland. There are also many stories like this. And it’s said that a horse sold to another land when it was gravid rarely runs to motherland. Besides these stories, nowadays it’s seen in our eyes, there are some people particularly young generation who have forget about where they are from and what history they have. So, even animal has a desire to go back to his origin, I want to tell this story to the audience to remember one more time how much important our homeland and origin.
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