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Project Concrete Clouds
Category Asian Project
Project Concrete Clouds
Country Thailand
Director's Profile Lee Chatametikool has worked as a film editor and post- production producer in New York and Bangkok alongside producing his own films. In 2007, he won the Best Editor award for Syndromes and a Century at the inaugural Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong. The Bangkok Film Critic’s Assembly awarded him for his work on Wonderful Town in 2008. He won Best Editor for the second time from the 2010 Asian Film Awards for his work on Karaoke. Lee also edited the Palme d'Or winner, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives by Weerasethakul.
Mutt, a 30-year old currency trader, is forced to move back and reset his life after his father commits suicide. But he finds the move back harder than he expected. Not only does he face financial difficulty but he must reacquaint himself with Thai culture and his 18-year old brother, Nic, before they become total strangers to each other. Nic is secretly in love with Poupee, a teenage girl who lives in the condo behind his townhouse. But her secret past is more than he can accept. As if things couldn’t get any worse for Mutt, Sai, his past love from high school reappears in his life. She shares the same dilemmas as he does, an emotional crisis and lack of direction that stems from the social conditions during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.
Director's Note
When I returned to Bangkok from the US after the 1997 financial crisis, the first thing I noticed was that the dust had settled. The streets were clean and empty for the first time I could remember. Skeletons of unfinished buildings dotted the skyline. They stood like monuments to the glorious economic boom. I wanted to make a film about these monuments. About monuments of youth and the journey home to a past that may or may not exist. How perspective shifts with time and how rooms that were once big can feel oppressively small. How feelings of love change over time and trying to recapture them turns into a futile exercise. How we build personal monuments only to discover that they have faded with time and are as empty as the abandoned skeletons in Bangkok.
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