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Project So Be It
Category Asian Project
Project So Be It
Director Kongdej JATURANRASMEE
Country Thailand
Director's Profile In 2002, Kongdej directed his debut feature (2003). It won the Asian Trade-Wind Honorable Mention at the Seattle International Film Festival. His second film was (2005) starring famous Thai comedian Mum Jokmok which won Best Script at the Deauville Asian Film Festival. His third film was (2008) made with GTH film studio. Besides working as a director, Kongdej is a well-known scriptwriter. He has written many of the most successful Thai films of recent years including (2005, by Prachya Pinkaew), (by Nonzee Nimibutr), (2007) and (2008) (by Pongpat Wachirabanjong). His first and second independent films (2011), (2013) have world premiered at Venice Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival.
Among the surprises of his parents, William, 7-year-old, Thai-American boy expressed his willing to participate in the summer ordination project for one reality show. To attend this reality show makes William becomes a popular boy, following by many fan clubs. After the reality show end, William is still missing and thinking of his own monk-teacher who was taking care of him when he was ordinated. He asks permission from his parents to visit his monk-teacher at the hill tribe temple in the north of Thailand, on his school holidays, in order to spend his Buddha dharma way of life again. William tells his parents that he would like to become a monk for his whole life. Bundit, a 11-year-old with hill tribe lineage. A minority group, who live at Tak province (a border of Thailand), then was sent to stay at Sa-keaw Temple in Angthong province with other 2,000 children in order to study and obtain a better life. He is forced to spend his life near Buddhism, but has no chance to stay with his family. To survive himself among over 2,000 children might not be an easy way. Regarding Bundit, staying in temple every day, is to train his discipline which is not different from soldier military. And to be ordinated for him is another way in seeking for the happiness and better life in terms of physical matter. On this school holiday, Bundit has an opportunity to go back to visit his home where he has never gone back for over 5 years.
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