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Project A Matter of Interpretation
Category Korean Project
Project A Matter of Interpretation
Director LEE Kwangkuk
Country Korea
Director's Profile Lee Kwang-kuk made his feature debut with (2011), receiving warm welcome at the Busan International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam and more. The film won him the Citizen Reviewer’s Award at the Busan IFF, the Best New Director Award at the Buil Film Awards, and the Best Screenplay Award at the Busan Film Critics Awards.
One winter night… A small-time actress is devastated to learn that no one has come to see her show. Out of frustration, she yells at her fellow actors and storms out of the theater. As she wanders the street, she receives a call from a friend who says she’s had a disturbing dream about the actress, advising her to stay out of trouble. The actress takes no heed to her friend’s warning and heads to the park with a bottle of liquor, in hope to find peace. She carelessly lights up a cigarette, ignoring the no smoking ban in the park, when an officer approaches her. As they talk, they discover that their lives are intertwined in a strange way.
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