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Project Wild Flowers
Category Korean Project
Project Wild Flowers
Director PARK Sukyoung
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in 1973. Dropped out of Sogang University's Department of Korean Language & Literature. Dropped out of Film Program at Columbia University in the City of New York. Director Park Sukyoung entered the film scene working in the production team for director Jeon Kye-su's (2009). is Park Sukyoung's first independent feature film.
18-year-old Eun-su and 17-year-old Su-hyang has no place to call home. The two live from day to day with the money obtained from selling stolen phones. They happen to rescue the 16-year-old Ha-dam who was being attacked by a drunk homeless guy, and they decide to take in Ha-dam who has no place to go. While looking for a place to sleep away from the winter cold, the children gets duped by a woman who promises them a warm room in a motel. They are locked up in a prostitution motel that is run by the 'uncle.' With the help of Tae-sung, the uncle's henchman, and Paul, the deaf boy, they escape from the motel. Together with Paul, they start to live in hiding in an empty house in a demolished area. Tae-sung becomes fond of Su-hyang, and, unbeknownst to the uncle, he secretly comes to see Su-hyang who gradually opens her heart to Tae-sung. Eun-su signs a lease to a small rooftop house with Paul's saved-up money. They are filled with joy that they now have a real home. That night, the uncle catches and takes away Su-hyang who was out to meet Tae-sung. Not knowing about that, Eun-su and Ha-dam wait for Su-hyang in front of the empty house when Su-hyang comes back as if nothing had ever happened.
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