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Project Steel Flower
Category Korean Project
Project Steel Flower
Director PARK Sukyoung
Country Korea
Director's Profile Born in 1973, studied Korean Literature briefly at Sogang University and then dabbled in film studies at Columbia University in New York.
2009 - Began working in the film industry on the production team for Lost and Found (2010)
2012 - Director of Photography for the independent feature So Very, Very
2014 - Screenwriter and Director of independent feature Wild Flowers (Supported by the ACF Post Production Fund)
- 19th Busan International Film Festival Vision Section, Actress of the Year – CHO Soo-hyang
- Special Invitation to the 40th Seoul Independent Film Festival
- Invited to Swiss Geneva Black Movie Festival - Competition section
- Invited to French Mauvais Genre International Film Festival - Competition section
- Beijing International Film Festival - Forward Future Section Competition
A 21-year-old girl named Hadam lives on the street. She became an orphan at the age of 12 and lived on the street by herself. Her one and only dream is to get a job and live on her own. Moving from Seoul to Busan, Hadam finds a shelter in an abandoned house in a poor hillside village and wanders around Busan for a job. However, finding a job is an extremely hard task for someone who does not have a cell phone or a registered address. She continues to fail interviews, but does not give up. However, people only take advantage and humiliate her. One day, trudging home while feeling disappointed, she hears the sound of tap dancing and sneaks a peak at the dance studio.
Director's Note
Steel Flower is a week-long journey of Hadam, a 21-year-old woman who struggles hard to get a job. Her inner strength prevails despite society’s contempt and insult. The character depicts a tough human spirit that does not give up easily.
The 20th Busan International Film Festival Korean Cinema Today_Vision

Oct 2 | 20:00 | Megabox Haeundae 9
Oct 4 | 20:30 | Megabox Haeundae 7&Table M
Oct 7 | 20:00 | Megabox Haeundae 7&Table M
Oct 8 | 17:00 | CGV Centum City 6
Oct 9 | 19:30 | Megabox Haeundae 1&2
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