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Project Jane
Category Korean Project
Project Jane
Director HyunHoon Cho
Country South Korea
Director's Profile HyunHoon Cho graduated from Hanyang University majoring in Theater and Film. His first short film Metamorphosis (2007) was invited to Busan Asian Short Film Festival and his following short film The Mother’s Family (2013) was invited to Indie Forum and Mise-en-scene’s Short Film Festival in 2013. The Mother’s Family also won the Acting Award at Busan International Short Film Festival. His feature debut Dear Jane was selected for the independent film production support program at Korean Film Council.
Sohyun, a homeless girl, is left alone after Jungho, who has been like a brother to her, runs away. She is out on the streets hanging out with other teenagers from the runaway gang but nobody is fond of this naive, self-centered girl. One day, a lady named Jane comes up to Sohyun looking for Jungho’s whereabouts. Before they realize, these mismatching two become a part of the ‘Jane gang’ and set out for a new life.
Director's Note
At times, the lives of two women in this story are too harsh. Yet they still find reasons to live on. How can one make sense of all these misfortunes fraught in life? I wanted to question this through the mouth of ‘Jane’.
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