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Project February
Category Korean Project
Project February
Director KIM Joonghyun
Country South Korea
Director's Profile KIM Joonghyun studied directing at Seoul Institute of the Arts and started his film career working as an assistant director in KIM Tae-Yong’s Family Ties (2006). Made as his thesis project while he was in KAFA, his first feature-length film Choked (2011) was invited to the New Currents section at the 16th Busan International Film Festival in 2011. Choked also premiered at ten international film festivals including Berlin International Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, Hong Kong International Film Festival, and San Francisco International Film Festival.
By sneaking into classes, Minkyung is preparing for the civil service examination. She barely makes ends meet by stealing from her part-time job at the dumpling store and getting money from Jinkyu, whether as an allowance or as a tip for her dirty service. But, it’s not enough to pay for father’s settlement money nor for the monthly rent of which she already lost her depositmoney. She runs away from home with no plan, she ends up at the place of her old college roommate, Yeojin. Minkyung is bothered by how happy Yeojin looks now when many times before Yeojin had attempted suicide from depression. Although Minkyung is relieved to hear that she can stay at Yeojin’s place, her relief is shattered with the sudden visit made by Eunjin. While running away from Yeojin, Minkyung falls into a cold puddle. She lays sick in a container when Jinkyu takes her and has her stay at his place. Hoping Minkyung was his mother, Jinkyu’s son, Sunghun tries to get closer to Minkyung, but she pushes him away. But, she eventually grows fond of Sunghun and begins to dream of having some happiness with them when she hears about Jinkyu getting in a car accident. Minkyung abandons Sunghun and, once again, heads out into the streets.
Director's Note
I heard someone knocking on the door. I asked who it was. I heard the voice of a strange woman. “Is this P’s house?” I said no. “Not P’s house?” I said no. I heard the woman sigh. “When did you move in?” I was getting annoyed. “Seven years ago.” She sighed again. She didn’t move an inch, standing in front of the door. I was a bit scared. I carefully checked the door lock to make sure it was locked. A few minutes that felt like hours passed by. She began to walk away. The sound of her footsteps sounded heavy. I opened the window carefully. I saw her coming out of the main entrance. She stumbled along while carrying a large luggage bag on her shoulder. Then, she adjusted the bag on her shoulder. For some reason, tears rushed to my eyes. No idea why. I stared at the woman going far in the distance for a while. I really do not know why. Where is she going? Would she still be going her way? Am I a hypocrite to wish her to be happy?
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