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Project A Haunting Hitchhike
Category Korean Project
Project A Haunting Hitchhike
Director JEONG Heejae
Country South Korea
Director's Profile Born in 1986 in Seoul, South Korea. Graduated from Korea National University of Arts majoring in filmmaking. The director’s short films, Bokja (2009) and A Company on a Dead Gloomy Night (2012), were invited to numerous film festivals including Indie Forum and Seoul Independent Film Festival. A Haunting Hitchhike is the director’s feature film debut and won Audience Award at Pitch & Catch of Seoul International Women’s Film Festival and was provided financial support from Seongnam Cultural Foundation in 2016.
Sixteen-year-old girl, Jungae receives a letter from her mother, Young-ok NOH, who left home long ago. Jungae is living with her father, Young-ho YOON, in the redevelopment area of Seoul. Young-ho was diagnosed with terminal cancer and is waiting for his death after giving up on receiving treatment. He tells Jungae that giving up makes everything easier. Jungae is on her way to find her long-lost mother, thinking that finding her is her only remaining hope.
Director's Note
These days the modern society makes it hard for one to live humanly while still keeping oneself. Some people are agonizing over poverty, and others need to deal with a barrier of reality that is too unreasonable to keep up with their own beliefs. This film is about the story of Jungae who is trying to keep her identity as she finds and faces her mother. I cheer her journey and hope people who sympathize with her can bring a warm change to our society.
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