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Project Last Child
Category Korean Project
Project Last Child
Director SHIN Dongseok
Country South Korea
Director's Profile SHIN DongSeok graduated from Korean National University of Arts, majoring in Filmmaking. His short films, A Stirring Ripple (2005) and Gahee & B.H. (2006), were invited to Jeonju International Film Festival and Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival. A Stirring Ripple won Excellence Award for Best Picture at Busan International Short Film Festival and Gahee & B.H. won the Best Picture Award and the Best Photography Award at Mise-en-scene Short Film Festival. Last Child is his first feature film.
The married couple of Seong-cheol and Mi-sook run an interior shop in the center of a satellite city just outside Seoul. Six months ago, their son drowned after saving a boy named Gi-hyeon while on a picnic by the stream. One day, Seong-cheol witnesses Gi-hyeon getting harassed by a group of teenagers. It becomes clear in Seong-cheol's mind that he must help Gi-hyeon, for whom his son sacrificed his life, and that his righteous death should never go to waste. Seong-cheol takes Gi-hyeon under his care and teaches him basic interior work. Meanwhile, Mi-sook attempts to get pregnant via artificial insemination to comply with her son's old wish of wanting a sibling, but fails. Mi-sook finds sole comfort from Gi-hyeon who approaches her in a careful manner. Before they know it, the three start to live like a family.
Director's Note
Bereavement was always humble and above the awareness and comfort of social institutions and traditions compared to the intensity of the tragic suffering. Poor empathy sometimes further hurts wounds. Through the story I want to spread the power of sympathy and to comfort people even a little.
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