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Project House of Hummingbird
Category Korean Project
Project House of Hummingbird
Director KIM Bora
Country South Korea
Director's Profile Bora Kim is a South Korean filmmaker and holds an MFA from Columbia University. "House of Hummingbird" is her first feature film. Kim was a fellow at the prestigious MacDowell Colony for development of "House of Hummingbird," and won first prize at the Seoul Women′s Film Festival Pitch Forum. The project was selected for the IFP Narrative Lab and received grants from the Sundance Institute, Korean Film Council, Seoul Film Commission, and Seongnam Arts Foundation.
House of Hummingbird is an autobiographical story about 14- year-old Eunhee′s clumsy and painful adolescence. The year is 1994, the year of the tragic Seongsu Bridge collapse. Eunhee, a middle school student, lives with her family in Daechi-dong, Gangnam, a rich neighborhood of Seoul. Living among her more affluent neighbors, Eunhee is embarrassed by her family’s meager livelihood of processing sesame oil. Deprived of their attention, Eunhee floats through life like an island, wandering around the neighborhood with her best friend Jisuk. She falls into a truant lifestyle, frequenting the haunts of the neighborhood delinquents, and in her desperate search for love attempts romantic relationships with both girls and boys alike. Eunhee, with Jisuk, attends a cram school that specializes in Chinese characters, where she meets the sole adult in her life that seems to understand her ? Youngji. Slowly and steadily, Youngji and Eunhee share an unusual friendship.
Director's Note
"What is the right way to live? There are days when I think I know, but I really don′t know the answer. All I know is that sorrow comes and goes, as does joy. Life brings us encounters -- we meet someone, and we share something with them. The world is mysterious and beautiful." - Young-ji′s line from the film.
2018 Busan International Film Festival - New Currents / NETPAC Award, KNN Audience Award
2019 Berlin International Film Festival - Generation Kplus Competition / Prize of the Generation 14plus International Jury for the Best Film
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