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Project Sub-zero Wind
Category Korean Project
Project Sub-zero Wind
Director KIM Yuri
Country South Korea
Director's Profile Kim Yuri graduated with a degree in Film Making from Kyungsung University in Busan. After graduation, she has been working on commercial, independent, feature, short films. She directed several short films and won the grand prize at 2014 Jeonju International Film Festival- Korean Short Film Competition for her film How Long Has That Door Been Open?. Sub-Zero Wind is her first feature film.
At the age of 12, Young-ha is afflicted with the burden and insecurities of abandonment. Having witnessed her parents’ divorce, she stays with her mother for some time until she remarries. Upon her mother′s new marriage, Young-ha discovers her dad has seemingly left her without saying a word or with any support or understanding as to why. She then returns back to her mother. As times goes on, things seem to be looking good and going well for Young-ha and her family including her stepdad. Now 15, she relishes in the opportunity to be the best daughter she can be, all the while maintaining her mother′s image of a perfect family. Much further down the road, Young-ha is now 19. One day, the epitome of evil rears its ugly head and Young-ha′s stepdad sexually molests her. In an attempt to confide in her mother, Young-ha tells her what transpired and is simply instructed to forgive him.
Director's Note
Sub-zero Wind centers around two young girls forced to adapt and overcome struggles and hardships at an early age. But this film chooses a different direction than most modern-day coming-of-age films by addressing the girls′ hardship as a result of neglect and irresponsibility. As teenagers, the disadvantage is obvious; no resources and forced to remain silent to protect the honor of the family name. Striving on the path to adulthood in a heartless society, and still dealing with the grievances of their past, the two girls find a sense of comfort and a common ground as they witness each other’s trials. Although the world they live in is not any different than before, can they change the way it is perceived through each other’s existence? Sub-Zero Wind aims to suggest the solutions on how to survive by tethering the views and emotions of two people in the same struggle and by caring about someone else′s future.
2018 Busan International Film Festival - Korean Cinema Today_Vision (Directors Guild of Korea (DGK) Award)
2019 Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinemas - Competition Feature / Jury Award
2019 New York Asian Film Festival
2019 Asian Film Festival Barcelona
2019 Seoul International Women Film Festival
2019 South Taiwan Film Festival
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