ACF Asian Cinema Fund

Submission Guidelines

2022 모집요강
Asian Project
  • - The writer-director of the project is of Asian nationality.
  • - The project contains Asian elements in its story, theme, character, and background.
AFA Project
  • - The writer-director of the project is an alumnus/alumna of Busan International Film Festival's Asian Film Academy (AFA).
  • - The project contains Asian elements in its story, theme, character, and background.
    ※ Script Development Fund is available for Asian project except Korean.
Applicant must be the writer-director or a team of writer and director who are of Asian nationality. The producer of the project does not have to be of Asian nationality.
The script must be of the director’s first or second feature film project.
The director of the project should have directed at least one short or feature film.
The script must be the applicant's original work.
The script must contain Asian elements in its story, theme, character, and background.
The application form and any additional documents for submission must be in English.
Applicant is required to submit a treatment of 5 to 10 pages.
Any additional documents may be submitted if they contain information that can help the selection committee to gain a better understanding of the applicant's film project.
File attachments must be in PDF format and are restricted to 5 MB in total per application. A prior check on the total size of all the documents to attach is recommended.
Director's previous works, if not in English or Korean, should have English or Korean subtitles. They must be submitted via online link that is accessible for up to 3 months after the submission deadline. DVDs of director's previous works are not accepted.
Applicant can submit only one project per fund.
Resubmissions are not accepted.
Access the online application form. (ACF website > [Submission] - [Application] )
Fill in the mandatory fields, attach the required Treatment file, and provide an online link of director's previous work.
Attach any additional documents that contain information helpful to gain a better understanding of the project.
After clicking the 'Submit' button at the end of the application form, the applicant will receive via e-mail an Edit Link. The Edit Link allows the applicant to modify the application form up until the final deadline.
Incomplete applications that do not satisfy the listed criteria for eligibility or follow the stated rules may be excluded from consideration without any prior notice.
All notifications will be made exclusively through e-mails. Please make sure that the e-mail addresses provided in the application form are correct.
Announcement of the final selection will be made in July.
The recipient must sign the Fund Agreement to receive the cash grant of 10 million KRW in late October. The amount includes any applicable tax and possible bank fees.
The recipient must give a progress report upon request from ACF.
The recipient must submit a working draft and the completed script after receiving the cash grant.
The completed film must include (1) the opening title card provided by ACF in the film's opening sequence, and (2) BIFF and ACF logos in the end credits and promotional materials.
Tel. +82 51 709 2234
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*Please be aware that the attachment is updated as of the 22nd of March, 2022.