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2013 Script Development Fund

LIST Your Family
Category Korean Project
Project Your Family
Director SHIM Hyun-seok
Country Korea
Director's Profile Shim Hyun-seok was born in 1987 and graduated from Dongguk University with major in film & Media. His short film The Abortion (2011) was invited to the 16th Busan International Film Festival and other major film festivals. His other short film Dinner (2013) has been completed with fund from KOFIC and Ministry of Education and Science. This film is invited to 2013 Montreal International Film Festival. Your Family will be his first feature film.
A high school teacher, Jeong-seok, lives with his wife in a remote town. His son has gone to study abroad due to a painful pass of being a victim of school violence. One day an intern teacher, Tae-sung, comes to work at Jeong-seok’s high school. The two of them had an unpleasant incident a year ago. However, Jeong-seok tries his best to welcome him and get along with him, but Tae-sung acts no different than year ago and gives him the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, one of Jeong-seok’s beloved students Mi-seon is raped. Jeong-seok falsely becomes a leading suspect. Jeong-seok has a strong conviction that Tae-sung is the actual suspect and starts tracing evidences related to the crime. In the process Jeong-seok finds out a truth of the incident from a year ago, which makes in fall into a dilemma.
Director's Note
If the love for one’s child gives misfortunes to others, can we still value the love? Through a display of father’s guilt from an ethical dilemma and his struggles for redemption, the director wants to appraise the wrongly prevalent love for one’s child in the current Korean society.
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